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Dear Friends,

The LGBT Resource Center (LGBTRC) opened 25 years ago and we are proud to provide support, education, and advocacy to our campus community. On this donations page, you can read testimony from students about the center’s impact on their lives. But it's the quotes we don't often share that move us to ask for your support.

“I'm in an unsafe living situation and I cannot afford the deposit on a new apartment.”

“Some of my financial support fell through and I cannot pay for my medications or meals this month.”

“I've been sofa surfing with friends, but I need to find a stable place to live so I can concentrate on my studies.”

“My family would help me if they could but I'm actually working to help them out as well as myself. I just need to complete this quarter and I'll graduate with my degree.”

A few years ago, we launched the LGBTRC Student Assistance Fund to help students connected to the LGBTQ community to stay in school and progress towards graduation. Since then, students have come to us with emergency financial needs and we’ve helped them get through with funds generously donated by supporters like you.

When center staff discussed which of our gift funds would most benefit from a 25 for 25 Campaign in honor of our 25th Anniversary, we all agreed: direct financial support from the Student Assistance Fund is vital.

Our students are resilient, especially in the face of stressful and challenging times for LGBTQ students who are also people of color, undocumented, or living on the margins. Sometimes it's hard for them to ask for help, so we are asking on their behalf: Please make a donation. Help our students earn a UCR degree. Help them not only survive difficult times, but to proudly go out into the world a UCR graduate.

In Community,

Nancy Jean Tubbs Director, LGBT Resource Center

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Thanks To Our Recent Donors!


Established in 1993, the LGBT Resource Center ("LGBTRC") provides support, education, and advocacy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity/expression for the UC Riverside community and beyond. In celebration of our 25th anniversary, the LGBTRC would like to raise $25,000 to support the LGBTRC Student Assistance Fund.


The LGBTRC's Student Assistance Fund assists current UCR students who are actively involved with the LGBTQ community in order to improve their well-being and college success. Students experiencing temporary financial hardships that threaten their ability to stay enrolled at UCR or who are seeking additional resources to improve their academic success may request funds.


The LGBTRC Student Assistance Fund will directly benefit our students, so we thought it was best for you to hear from them how the Resource Center has positively impacted their lives:

“The LGBT Resource Center was the first place on campus that gave me a place to feel like home.” -- Lex Soto ’16 (women’s studies)

“[At the LGBTRC], I was never questioned or pressured into giving an answer. We were able to build such a tight-knight family with the people there that I didn’t have to worry about who I was.” -- Yesenia Ayala ’13 (creative writing)

“[The LGBTRC] gave me the confidence and emotional security to do and be more. I became more involved with student organizations, becoming co-president of Queer People of Color, and taking on leadership opportunities for community outreach and organizing.” --Anthony Rubio ’12 (business administration; global studies)

“I came from a small town … so my view of the world was very narrow. Now, my eyes are open to all different types of ethnic, gender, and sexual issues that I could not have known if it was not for the center.” -- Denny Ho ’14 (chemistry)

“[The LGBTRC helped me] become an officer in some affiliated student organizations, as well as help organize a conference, a dance … help in the production of a drag show.” -- Adrian Cotta ’14 (psychology)

“The LGBT Resource Center was more than just the place I found friendship, but the place that I was able to grow personally, professionally and academically.” -- Deka Spears ’16 (creative writing)